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Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is funny!

How to make fun of Obama - Los Angeles Times (thanks Suzie)
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Sushi for Lunch: Day 2

Day two of the "Only Eating Sushi for Lunch" experiment and the bastards have already raised their prices.

I guess they heard about me.

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Blogged for future consideration

Ignore this post unless you eventually want to go Off-Grid - life unplugged: solar, wind, hydro, architecture, smallholdings, free stuff » $600 gets your house on solar power
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Grow Your Own Rice « Gallimaufree

I'm not much of a farmer but I'm thinking about doing this next year.

Grow Your Own Rice « Gallimaufree
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jap Clockspring Car Runs 40 mi a Winding

I want to build one of these. Thats a good idea.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Incubator Desk Takes Up Less Space : TreeHugger

I want one of these :-D

Incubator Desk Takes Up Less Space : TreeHugger
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Story Game

The Story Game, originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

Kind of like Mad Libs with drawing.
Here's how you play. Fill in the blanks:

Job _______________
Place ______________
Something you do ____________
Name _____________
Something you hold ____________
Something you eat ____________

Then write a short story using all of your words and their implications / derivatives.

Then draw that story and communicate all of it in one panel.

The Story Game :-D

Tommy's Train Ride (Mad's Story)

Tommy's train load of meat was headed downtown. He jumped off the train to pick up a coin and had to jog to catch up.

Mad's words:

Job: Engineer (train)
Place: downtown
Something you do: jog
Name: Tommy
Something you hold: coin
Something you eat: meat

Teacher Erica (Vieve's Story)

Erica was going to get some ice cream. She went to Starbright and saw a big mess. There was marker on the wall. Teacher Erica was angry.

Vieve's words:

Job: Teacher
Place: Starbright
Something you do: teach
Name: Erica
Something you hold: marker
Something you eat: ice cream

Zombie Clive East Bananas (My Story)

Clive was playing poker with the other zombies and excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he came back he picked up a banana but what he really wanted was some brains.

My words:

Job: zombie
Place: bathroom
Something you do: play poker
Name: Clive
Something you hold: banana
Something you eat: brains

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Drain Pipe Turned Hotel: DasPark Hotel

I wonder if the girls would like something like this for a playhouse :-D

Drain Pipe Turned Hotel: DasPark Hotel | Hugg 2.0
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Green Your Electronics : TreeHugger

This article, How To Green Your Electronics : TreeHugger is a good reminder that there is a lot we can do to reduce our energy use that is easily within our control. 

We switched out to all compact fluorescents a year or more ago and so has everybody else by now.  I also invested in rechargeable batteries for everything I could starting two Christmas' ago at home and in the office (#1 on Treehugger's list) and we have been buying with energy in mind (#3 on the list) and have talked about how to kill vampire power (#2 on the list).

Give it a look over and see what you can easily do.
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30 Seconds of Jamie Mowing - Episode I

I scoffed at electric mowers a few months ago. SCOFFED.

"It doesn't matter what mower we use all of them require the burning of fossil fuels at some point in the process so we will always be contributing to global greenhouse emmisions," I said (or something similar; that was the gist).

What I hadn't taken into consideration was the maintenance or the steadily rising price of fuel. While my original statement is in essence correct the balance tips to the electric mower as the clear winner. "A conventional mower produces as much pollution in one hour as 43 late model cars or driving 340 miles, say industry experts." (via Treehugger).

So, after a trip to Home Depot to look at the $317 cordless model, we've been searching Craigslist and found a new in the box electric mower for 1/3 the cost.

Yeah, its got a chord but Jamie is so cute to watch kicking it out of the way.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A weekend without the Girls

Friday = date night. Jamie and I went to dinner at the NEW Don Jose's on Muldoon and split shrimp and halibut tacos then took in Hellboy II (which was just as awesome as Hellboy).

Saturday = random Saturday business (radio show, a trip to Home Depot, hanging out together) followed up with dinner at La Hacienda (because we had to pay the penance for going to Don Jose's) then cocktail hour at Tim's with Krista and Jonathan (which included cutthroat pirate style ping pong).

Sunday = sleeping in-ish (we're too old to "just" sleep in) followed by breakfast with the newspaper and only the puppies to interfere. While Jamie was off at her photo shoot Gabriel the Spaniard came over and we did some storyboard shots for Due, the short film I scripted that he and I are making. We coerced Jamie to stand in for one of the characters and, while she didn't follow direction well, she was her cute self. After Gabe left Jamie and I puttered around then trekked down to the Weekend Market (which used to be just the Saturday Market but, well, things change) then City Market for supplies then came home for a spectacular dinner (garlic and butter sauteed Calamari steaks, greek salad and garlic bread) with an appropriate wine pairing (Yellow Tail Pineo Grigio). Then I went over to Gabe's to run through the dailies (I know, movie people speak) and we processed a few of Leo's shots (with me as stand in). I'll post a link when Gabe gets the video uploaded.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Observations From a Barstool

Sometimes when I go out I notice things. Sometimes when I notice things I write them down. Last night was one of those "noticing things and writing them down" kinds of nights.

* The bartender in Amanda's garage sale bustier
* Elephant girls attached trunk to tail
* That awkward transition between digerido and human beat box
* Inappropriate glances and neck tattoos
* Noticing and wanting to be noticed, the give and take between being seen and seeing
* The dynamic of the Pee line is awesome!
* Lynyrd Synyrd hair and Extra Tuffs
* Pay just enough attention to the bartender, that other girl and I'll... I'll... notice, but tonight you're mine
* His thick sideburns
* The tall kid we know we know but we don't know why
* The appreciative girls with the knowing glances who smile because you look and they know you looked.

Its all a little more vivid in my head. I'm pretty sure there are some universal truths in here.

Might get fleshed out in story format. Might just get left here.

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