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Sunday, July 13, 2008

A weekend without the Girls

Friday = date night. Jamie and I went to dinner at the NEW Don Jose's on Muldoon and split shrimp and halibut tacos then took in Hellboy II (which was just as awesome as Hellboy).

Saturday = random Saturday business (radio show, a trip to Home Depot, hanging out together) followed up with dinner at La Hacienda (because we had to pay the penance for going to Don Jose's) then cocktail hour at Tim's with Krista and Jonathan (which included cutthroat pirate style ping pong).

Sunday = sleeping in-ish (we're too old to "just" sleep in) followed by breakfast with the newspaper and only the puppies to interfere. While Jamie was off at her photo shoot Gabriel the Spaniard came over and we did some storyboard shots for Due, the short film I scripted that he and I are making. We coerced Jamie to stand in for one of the characters and, while she didn't follow direction well, she was her cute self. After Gabe left Jamie and I puttered around then trekked down to the Weekend Market (which used to be just the Saturday Market but, well, things change) then City Market for supplies then came home for a spectacular dinner (garlic and butter sauteed Calamari steaks, greek salad and garlic bread) with an appropriate wine pairing (Yellow Tail Pineo Grigio). Then I went over to Gabe's to run through the dailies (I know, movie people speak) and we processed a few of Leo's shots (with me as stand in). I'll post a link when Gabe gets the video uploaded.


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