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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Story Game

The Story Game, originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

Kind of like Mad Libs with drawing.
Here's how you play. Fill in the blanks:

Job _______________
Place ______________
Something you do ____________
Name _____________
Something you hold ____________
Something you eat ____________

Then write a short story using all of your words and their implications / derivatives.

Then draw that story and communicate all of it in one panel.

The Story Game :-D

Tommy's Train Ride (Mad's Story)

Tommy's train load of meat was headed downtown. He jumped off the train to pick up a coin and had to jog to catch up.

Mad's words:

Job: Engineer (train)
Place: downtown
Something you do: jog
Name: Tommy
Something you hold: coin
Something you eat: meat

Teacher Erica (Vieve's Story)

Erica was going to get some ice cream. She went to Starbright and saw a big mess. There was marker on the wall. Teacher Erica was angry.

Vieve's words:

Job: Teacher
Place: Starbright
Something you do: teach
Name: Erica
Something you hold: marker
Something you eat: ice cream

Zombie Clive East Bananas (My Story)

Clive was playing poker with the other zombies and excused himself to go to the bathroom. When he came back he picked up a banana but what he really wanted was some brains.

My words:

Job: zombie
Place: bathroom
Something you do: play poker
Name: Clive
Something you hold: banana
Something you eat: brains

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