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Friday, July 04, 2008

Observations From a Barstool

Sometimes when I go out I notice things. Sometimes when I notice things I write them down. Last night was one of those "noticing things and writing them down" kinds of nights.

* The bartender in Amanda's garage sale bustier
* Elephant girls attached trunk to tail
* That awkward transition between digerido and human beat box
* Inappropriate glances and neck tattoos
* Noticing and wanting to be noticed, the give and take between being seen and seeing
* The dynamic of the Pee line is awesome!
* Lynyrd Synyrd hair and Extra Tuffs
* Pay just enough attention to the bartender, that other girl and I'll... I'll... notice, but tonight you're mine
* His thick sideburns
* The tall kid we know we know but we don't know why
* The appreciative girls with the knowing glances who smile because you look and they know you looked.

Its all a little more vivid in my head. I'm pretty sure there are some universal truths in here.

Might get fleshed out in story format. Might just get left here.

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