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Monday, January 11, 2010

He + Art = Heart

In a world of soul-less corporations where is the heart? And where is the culture?

I'm white. I'm cultureless. I rant and I ramble and I say a whole lot about nothing.

I do have culture. My culture is bracketed by fast food restaurants and reality TV, satellite entertainment with unlimited channels of infomercials for things that I neither want nor need and top 40 radio that has no bearing on my milk toast suburban existence.

I'm not a human being. I'm a human doing. I have to live rather than watch the lives of others on the box on the wall filled with limitless fluff. I need to create my own narrative that defies the soap operas spoon fed to us by the media, be it drama or news.

Do. Not be.

Live and love and grow and make.

(Note: I'm cleaning off my desk and I found this rant I wrote an Under 30 workshop last summer with visiting artist Tim Miller.)

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 - Things I Did

Kind of a laudry list of things that I either accomplished, am proud of or don't want to forget:

I participated in the Alaska Overnighters (plays written and staged in 24 hours) again.

I taught two semesters of Boundary Law in the Geomatics Department of the School of Engineering at the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) [Spring 2009 and Fall 2009]

I performed in TBA Theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet as Lord Montague.

I remodeled the downstairs of the house after the Great February Flood [February through May 2009]

I had a photograph published in a book: Messages to Obama (the photo) A Message for Obama(the book) [published Spring 2009]

Participated in the Green Court of the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair [June 2009]

I finally made a movie (something I had been trying to do for a couple years): Fast Food - Official Snow Dance Selection of the 2009 Anchorage International Film Festival (AIFF) [December 2009]

I get back into sailing and as a family we joined the Alaska Sailing Club up at Big Lake and won my first race (2009 Governor's Cup - Big Boats) [Summer/Fall 2009]

I took a welding class (Welding 101) [Fall 2009]

I co-starred in an awesome musical with an awesomely talented group of friends, new and old atCyrano's Off-Center Playhouse in Bark! The Musical. [December 2009]

I made a movie in less than 5 days: The Perils of Technology - AIFF Quick Freeze Runner Up[December 2009]

I wrote a performance art piece and brought it to the stage, Radio, part of Under 30 (performance pieces 30 minutes in length or less) at Out North [December 2009]

I might have done more. I'll update as (if) I remember.

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