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My Big Red Couch

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Filling in the Latest Gap

Another few weeks, ok, a month skipped with no blog post. Yeah.

So what have I been doing... lets see:

Movie stuff:
I have been learning Apple's Motion program (for animation).
I put together the final cut of "Young <3 Zombies" and I added animated title sequences.
I shot exit interviews with the four designers I followed for my Object Runway documentary.

Educational stuff:
I have taught a bunch more classes at UAA.
I have spent a few more mornings at Vieve's school teaching (and learning) storytelling.

Social stuff:
Jamie and I went to see Perseverance Theatre's presentation of Blue Bear.
Jamie and I went to see Teo Castellanos and D-Project at Out North.
I was Pit Boss for casino games at a private party.

Creative stuff:

I helped paint sets for TBA Theatre's production of Three Little Pigs.
I have worked on technical and equipment issues for KONR.
Jamie and I helped our friend Loren with his snow sculpture.
I drew a skull.

Other stuff:

I punched myself in the face with a metal pipe.

I have probably done a bunch of other stuff too that I've forgotten about. I've hung out with some cool people. We've gotten back into the hot tub (now that it has warmed up).

There's a bunch of stuff on the horizon. I just need to take the time to write it all down as it happens. I'll get there... maybe.

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