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Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 - Things I Did

Kind of a laudry list of things that I either accomplished, am proud of or don't want to forget:

I participated in the Alaska Overnighters (plays written and staged in 24 hours) again.

I taught two semesters of Boundary Law in the Geomatics Department of the School of Engineering at the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) [Spring 2009 and Fall 2009]

I performed in TBA Theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet as Lord Montague.

I remodeled the downstairs of the house after the Great February Flood [February through May 2009]

I had a photograph published in a book: Messages to Obama (the photo) A Message for Obama(the book) [published Spring 2009]

Participated in the Green Court of the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair [June 2009]

I finally made a movie (something I had been trying to do for a couple years): Fast Food - Official Snow Dance Selection of the 2009 Anchorage International Film Festival (AIFF) [December 2009]

I get back into sailing and as a family we joined the Alaska Sailing Club up at Big Lake and won my first race (2009 Governor's Cup - Big Boats) [Summer/Fall 2009]

I took a welding class (Welding 101) [Fall 2009]

I co-starred in an awesome musical with an awesomely talented group of friends, new and old atCyrano's Off-Center Playhouse in Bark! The Musical. [December 2009]

I made a movie in less than 5 days: The Perils of Technology - AIFF Quick Freeze Runner Up[December 2009]

I wrote a performance art piece and brought it to the stage, Radio, part of Under 30 (performance pieces 30 minutes in length or less) at Out North [December 2009]

I might have done more. I'll update as (if) I remember.

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