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My Big Red Couch

Monday, January 11, 2010

He + Art = Heart

In a world of soul-less corporations where is the heart? And where is the culture?

I'm white. I'm cultureless. I rant and I ramble and I say a whole lot about nothing.

I do have culture. My culture is bracketed by fast food restaurants and reality TV, satellite entertainment with unlimited channels of infomercials for things that I neither want nor need and top 40 radio that has no bearing on my milk toast suburban existence.

I'm not a human being. I'm a human doing. I have to live rather than watch the lives of others on the box on the wall filled with limitless fluff. I need to create my own narrative that defies the soap operas spoon fed to us by the media, be it drama or news.

Do. Not be.

Live and love and grow and make.

(Note: I'm cleaning off my desk and I found this rant I wrote an Under 30 workshop last summer with visiting artist Tim Miller.)

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