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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Geotags @ Platial

For a few weeks now Jamie and I have been scouting for a place to geotag our pictures. Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification, usually latitude and longitude coordinates, to various media such as websites or images.

I just wanted to see pin dots on a map where I took pictures and the images I captured there. We browsed through some sites, some that charged a fee to host your image, some that required additional software (like Google Earth) but the free no-download solution is Platial.com. No money and I can link to my photos already uploaded to Flickr.

Another kewl feature is being able to create group maps. I created an Alaska Railroad group map and John from Alaskarails has already tagged a bunch of his photos.

Just what I needed. Another diversion :-p

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