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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Dream Home

Dream Home, originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

Once upon a time a boy met a girl and, while they may have appeared to be a man and a woman, they were still very much children. The man asked for the woman's hand, which she gave and they started collecting things. Amongst their first possesions came a house. Then the furnishings, first as block and board shelves and a card table, then kit built book cases and a do-it-yourself, Sears ordered, bolt together picnic table and finally a proper bookcase and a real dining set.

But with suburbia comes responsibility: taxes and bills and upgrades and remodeling and lawn care and maintenance.

One day the boy and the girl came home to a smoking hole in the ground.

All their responsibilities had succumbed to a faulty part in an electrical gizmo assembled by a slave laborer in a foreign land barely able to care for himself, let alone his family. And that slave laborer had not known the joy of being fresh from college with a block and board bookshelf and card table. And that no wage worker had no use for a kit built book case and no clue what a do-it-yourself, Sears ordered, bolt together picnic table was. And a proper proper bookcase and a real dining set were unimaginable to him.

The boy and the girl were devastated. The life they had accumulated was a smoldering hole in the ground. They moved to a motel with the clothes on their backs and their separate vehicles and began contemplating the reaccumulation.

After weeks and weeks of discussion and tears the girl was inconsolable. One day the boy came back to what passed as their home early and left this present and this note.

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