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My Big Red Couch

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Barrels, originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

Is that bottled up democracy in there? 1781. Five years after the revolution. It was a good year. I scarcely remember it.

Barrels worry me. Ever since The Return of the Living Dead (1985) and the broken open barrels of brain eating zombies I have shied away from them. Ooh. Look. That one on the right is all rusty and ready to hatch like the first Alien from Kane's chest on the Nostromo. But there's no such thing as zombies or aliens. Is there?

Certainly nobody has ever put anything dangerous in a 55 gallon drum. Not in suburbia. Not in my neighborhood. Not staggering, dragging one leg behind you, arms outstretched moaning "brains" distance from my office desk. They wouldn't.

Mmmmm. Brains.

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