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My Big Red Couch

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Abandoned, originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

Professionally I wander. I go places, however urban they might appear from the outside, that haven't seen people in years. I go to back yards and back lots and the wilds of the city. Sometimes only to define their boundaries other times as a preparation to taming them.

A lot of people have just walked away from their stuff. A lot of stuff has been abandoned in place.

This old truck was something once. It was ore that became iron. It was iron that was forged and formed into steel. It was steel that was welded and bolted to become truck. It was truck which hauled.

Did it drive to Alaska or was it shipped? Was it a happy young couple planning on starting a family when they arrived or some barron of commerce adding to his industrial fleet? Was it used for chores or just getting around or industry and development? Did someone learn to drive behind its wheel? How many someones?

I come across and abandoned truck and I ask it, "Truck. What stories do you have to tell me?" It sits in stony silence as it slowly melts away.

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