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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sun Setting Through Snow

Sun Setting Through Snow, originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

The comings and goings of the sun and moon and constellations are something I have taken for granted most of my life. Of late I have paid more attention. I am tuning myself to the earth's rhythms. Synching myself to her core. Its nice to keep tabs on what the moon is doing, knowing which phase we're headed into and what to expect on a cold and starry night. As a far northerner I have always been accutely aware of the solstices and paid some attention to the equinoxes but not they seem more important.

They, and I'm not quite sure who they are but, they say "with age comes wisdom." I don't think thats necessarily true. I think with age comes awareness. I am at an age where the sun setting is important to me. I am at an age where the sun rising is even more important. Yes, this is me mourning the passing of my youth. I declare myself officially aged. I won't be old till my ashes rise from the funeral pyre but I can be aged (and I'm not talking wine and chesse aged).

I am an adult now. I have bred and need to see them through to adulthood. I have obligations, financial, moral and societal and as an adult I aim to keep them.

I am aware of what I can control that matters, what I can control that doesn't matter and what I cannot control. I will make changes where I can when it is necessary and I will lay still when it is necessary and I have the opportunity.

For years I have embraced "economy of motion." Something I came up with that involves a combination of the path of least resistance and doing what needs to be done. Not lazy but leisurely. Not excessive but certainly hedonistic.

Just yesterday I learned that the Indian Vedic phylosophy emphasises "economy of effort." They stole my idea thousands of years before I was born. Who'd have thunk it?

The snow falls and I cannot stop it from falling, nor do I want to. I will praise the sun for shining down on me every day and I will thank the sun when it rises for shining on me on the morrow.

I sit here as the sun sets and the snow falls and I am as in the moment as I can be.

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