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Thursday, January 05, 2006

nICE Landscape

nICE Landscape
Originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

The rainbow on the surface caught his attention first. "How did that happen," he wondered aloud? There was no response from the blind and nearly deaf dog at his side.

Had the cold gotten to him? Was this the beginning of a hypothermic end? Is this a halucination? A miracle? A dream?

The rainbow began to pulse. The blue would intensify. Then the green. Then the red. Pulsing. Blue. Green. Red.

"What the hell is that," he again asked the dog? He stood still and squinted at the landscape before him. The dog stood too and squinted out of habit more than anything.

The rainbow faded and a light, not unlike the rising sun, began to rise over the horizon. But it was not the sun for the sun would not rise again for several more days but the light did brighten and form a ball just over the horizon.

With the light came a warmth. This was not heat, but a sense of calm. The dog began to bark. Not an angry or alarmed bark but a happy bark. A playful bark. The dog barked then began to howl. The man began to howl too. This was not unusual. As far back as he could remember he had howled with his dogs. He howled at first for the sheer fun of it but inevitably it became a bonding ritual.

The light grew bigger as did the calm. He and the dog both stopped howling as the light drew within a few yards. It was a steady light with well defined edges. The light was telling him something. The light said stay.

The dog nuzzled his hand and he pet her on the head. She nuzzled a little more insistently. He knelt down and she licked his face. Then she began to walk away.

Go to the light girl. It's ok. Go to the light.

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