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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Anchor Dawn

Anchor Dawn
Originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

Pre-dawn with a glow in the sky yet not enough light for any detail. An impending end to darkness that has not gone. Missing my morning coffee I had only the pre-dawn to keep me company as I made my way across town, encased in glass and steel on leather seats, nearly frozen in their unheated low-end model luxury.

Silent, save for the running engine. Silence, savored after eight days with too many kids and too many adults shouting after them. There is no getting caught singing at the top of my lungs by a neigbhor at a stoplight today. Today my voice belongs to an external silence that is building my inner silence.

The sun. Today it will come. Today it will be seen, unlike so many recent days. Winter had arrived and with winter comes sun and cold and longer days which lead to Spring.

When Spring comes there will be no more pre-dawn for several months. The sun will linger in the sky and flirt at the horizon but never set enough to bring this dark lightness. Dim. Never dark.

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