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My Big Red Couch

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

Cold angry steel covered with snow. She is a relic of days gone by. A dinosaur waiting for her return to the road.

Waiting. Waiting for years. Waiting for the day the fuel will course through her rubber veins and her engine will roar to life. Waiting for her accelerator to be pressed to the floor and her body will rock from the torque. Waiting for her seats to shake from her idling growl and her windows to rattle from the resonance as she winds up to a scream.

The day will come. It will. But not today. Today she rests. Biding time. Rests and watches. Watching the men come and go from the Body Shop. Watching the diners come and go from the restaurant. Watching the patrons come and go from the Barber Shop.

Watching and learning. Learning the travels of man. Their modes of transportation and operation, learning their patterns and schedules and inclinations, learning their flaws and their faults and their weaknesses. Waiting to take back the road and be heard.

She shall be heard. She shall be felt. She shall take back the road. She shall roam the earth again. She shall.

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