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My Big Red Couch

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I didn't get too abstract with this because I'm beginning (or reawakening) a cold so this is all the art you get from me tonight.

This image was absconded from (aka created at) Mr. Picassohead by way of Newmania! who has some great social activism links and a generally warped yet realistic view.

I want a Fez for Halloween. I don't want a $2 costume shop Fez. I want an authintic turkish fez that I can adorn with something other than shriner bangles (not that I have anything against shriners; it's just not my gig). I was high bidder on an eBay Fez but I cannot bring myself to spend more than $10 so I lost at about $10.01. So much for conviction. I need a monocle and a Fez for my Halloween costume. Anybody want to make a donation to the "Keep Jon Dressed Funny" fund?

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