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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Logan and the Spider

One of the great joys in my life is helping out at Madeleine's school. Kids are awesome because the world is almost always so amazing to them. One of my goals in life is to keep, as much as I can, that childish perspective.

This afternoon about 3 o'clock Mad's class went outside to enjoy the remainder of the school day on the playground (school is out at 3:30). At 3:25 Ms. B had the class line up to get ready to leave.

Logan was standing a couple kids infront of Madeleine and I and I said to him, "Dude! You've got a gigantic spider on your shoulder!"

He turned around, looked at me and gave me one of those "yeah, whatever, you can't trick me, I'm smarter than you" looks. All the girls around us looked at him and began to scream.

He just about came out of his skin when I plucked the Daddy Long Legs off him :-D

My good (or evil?) deed for the day.

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