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My Big Red Couch

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gone 7 Days

On my way home from work I stopped by the dog pound to look for Bobbie. She escaped last Monday night. I walked through the pound, scanning the cages; no Bobbie. I went to the front counter and looked at the row of binders: Lost Cats, Found Cats, Lost Dogs, Found Dogs, D.O.A. I chose Found Dogs.

First dog in the book. Yellow Lab, Choke collar, found on Dowling Road where it becomes Potter Road. Not Bobbie. I turn the page and my blood began to race. The pictures on the back of the page were Bobbie. Yellow Lab? Choke collar? Found halfway across town?


1) She's a lab mix but with coarse hair and when I adopted her she was listed as a Husky mix.
2) She got out without a collar. If she was found with a choke chain then somebody picked her up and she escaped from them.
3) Dowling where it becomes Potter is 7.1 miles from our house. Granted, she was gone for a week, but 7.1 miles and at least one major highway to cross. Damn.

I took the people's phone number and, because I didn't have my phone with me, called them when I got home. It was busy. I called back about 10 minutes later. Still busy. I called about 10 minutes later and got an answering machine.

A few minutes before 10 last night the phone rang and it was the woman who had Bobbie. She asked me to describe her so I did. She gave me her address and I went and got her.

I wonder what she has seen and done. I wonder what she ate for a week. I wonder who picked her up and how she got away. I wonder if she had any close encounters with traffic or wildlife. I wonder if she spent a week eating fish guts along the creeks around town. I wonder...

I am relieved. I have had Bobbie for ten years. When I didn't have anybody I had Bobbie. My prenuptual agreement with Jamie is I get my dog and my motorcycle and she gets everything else. I'm greatful that she didn't dissapear into the woods or get hit by a car.

And we all lived happily ever after (exept for Jamie who was ambivalent about the whole deal but she can tell you about that on HER blog if she wants to).

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