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My Big Red Couch

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm Growing a Beard

Husband (aka Bearded Jon)
Originally uploaded by jamie in alaska.

Stop me if you've already heard this one.

This is a true story (but where you find the truth in it is subjective).

I get asked constantly how long it took me to grow my beard and this is the answer I have come up with: "7 weeks."

Unbelieveable, right? Here is my secret.

"Miracle Grow and Viagra smushed together in my hand and rubbed liberally on my chin and it shot straight out. Of course it was stiff for the first 5 weeks (whispered: that was probably the Viagra)." Rimshot!

I'll be here all week. The tip jar is on the corner of the stage. Thank you. Thank you.

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