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Thursday, September 29, 2005

How Random is That?

I've broken a lot of stuff. Recently even. I dropped my iPAQ a couple of years ago and the glass cracked. I dropped my backpack with my laptop in it this time last year and my laptop screen went blotto. A few weeks ago a hippie bumped into me, knocking me backwards into a table and the LCD screen on my Nikon camera got smashed.

Today something else got smashed. Low tech even.


Here's how it went. I'm driving home from school minding my own business feeling pretty good. I've got the radio cranked, Metallica is on, and I've made every light from school almost to home. The windows are mostly down and the cool autumn air is coming in. And it's not alone.

What are the odds of this? It's like calling the pocket in pool or calling your phreaky shot in basketball. "Through the window, off the Nalgene bottle, over the lip." That was it. A clink on the bottle and a pop to my tooth.

My first thought, "what the fuck was that." Then I started spitting tooth shards. My second (and pretty much all consecutive thoughts, "Fuck!" "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." At least I've got insurance, but FUCK!

The tooth is sheared at an angle, from the top in the front angling down to almost my gums, probably an 1/8 of an inch up from my gums. The nerve is a little exposed and, after haggling with the dentist's office, my appointment is for 10am tomorrow. I don't mind the dentist so it's no big deal there, but it is time away from my desk and the curse of not brushing my teeth for the next half day. FUCK!

And I didn't loose an eye so technically it is all still fun and games.

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