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My Big Red Couch

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


The Nikon Jamie bought me for Father's Day, the most expensive thing she's ever gotten me, was destroyed when I was out at the Beer Tooth (aka Bear Tooth Theatre Pub).

It happened like this. I finished my second beer after finishing taking both notes and pictures for my Strobelight story on the Whipsaws playing a benefit show for Hurricane Katrina relief. So, I set down my empty glass, turn around and begin heading up the aisle and some drunken Hippie (yeah, I know I'm sterotyping) stumbles into me and knocks me back into one of the tables. My butt cheek knocks the table, the butt cheek with pocket the camera is in, and the LCD on my Nikon is smashed. Waaaaaaaaah!!!

So, I do a frantic few days of research for something with photo stabilization and the camera that gets recommended in my price range is the Canon S1 IS. It arrived yesterday afternoon (Monday). I played with it a little yesterday and a little more today. It's not quite Jamie's camera but it has way more features than my little Nikon 5600 had.

Here's a shot taken this evening on the back deck of Ted, resident peanut picker and my personal totem (definition #2).

He seems like such an angry little bastard sometimes but I know he loves me (at least for the peanuts).

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