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Saturday, June 17, 2006


"Bikers don't run." I have said this many times. At motorcycling events, when crossing the street usually, I have yelled to Jamie as she scurried across traffic, "Bikers don't run." Bear in mind this is usually said in full leathers or in textile riding gear, crossing from decent parking to good food.

Runners run and I'm whining about runnig because today I became a runner. Yesterday I purchased the potential to be a runner in the form of ASICS GT-2110 (white/navy/gold) men's running footwear.

ASICS GT-2110™

High tech? You betcha.
- Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.®)
- DuoMax®
- SpEVA® Midsole Material
- Space Trusstic System™
- GEL® Cushioning Systems

What does that mean? $90.00

Does it make me go faster? I don't know. I did some research this morning and found this 8-Week Program for Beginning Runners. I started with 4 minutes of walking (because it was 9:26am) and then ran from about 40 seconds, building up to running for a minute and walking for four. I was out for about 40 minutes and it sucked.a

But why, oh why, you might be asking, am I running? The Klondike. More specifically, The The Klondike Trail of '98 International Road Relay, a relay race from Skagway, Alaska through British Columbia, ending in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. The race, held the first weekend in September, is divided into 10 relay legs and I was asked by friend Krista to participate with the promise that the party at the end is worth the run. Hmmmmm.

I've done dumber things for lesser reward so I'm in. We don't have a team name yet but we are working on a pirate theme. I have been brushing up on my pirate lingo at International Talk Like A Pirate Day's "How To" page and I created my not so secret pirate identity at fidius.org's What's My Pirate Name? Its a 3 page quiz but worth it. I'm Mad John Flint. Arr. Send me your suggestions for both team name and pirate-ee goodness.

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