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My Big Red Couch

Saturday, April 08, 2006

First Ride

panning bmw, originally uploaded by jamie in alaska.

Yesterday was sunny and warm. Snow was melting. My bike spent the night on the battery charger last night.

Today it is above freezing but overcast and not really melty. There is thin ice on all of the puddles and more than enough gravel on the streets to keep me in the neighborhood. If it weren't for Jamie's new camera I probably wouldn't be riding until next weekend or the weekend after.

But I'm glad to be back on the road again. It felt good to have two wheels beneath me. At first I couldn't match my peddling to my balance, just like a child learning to bicycle, but I got the hang of it after the first couple yards and soon was weaving down the street, throwing the weight of the bike back and forth to check its response, to check mine.

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