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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Driven Snow

Driven Snow, originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

I chased a train today. I've never chased a train before. I've read a story sometime last winter about a guy who chased a train across Pittsburgh while the Steelers were playing in a playoff game and it was compelling. I don't know if it was that story or some primal instinct kicking in.

I was on the 76th Avenue and my intension was to nab a picture of a special Quonset Hut I know about and as I was approaching Old Seward Highway I saw the engines streak across the overpass down towards King Street. LIke a whippet after a rabbit at the track the race was on.

I turned down Old Seward and, waiting for the light at Dimond, was able to grab a few snaps down 84th as the train flew by. By the time I got to O'Malley it was well ahead of me. I managed to spot the last few cars and by the time I got to Huffman she was nowhere in sight.

I cut over to the highway and hoped I would catch her going across the Potter Flats as I came down the hill at Rabbit Creek Road but she had me beat.

Coming across the flats the road was such a piece of crap that, if not for my camera's image stabilizer, my pictures were nearly unsalvageable. There was traffic and I had to watch my speed but I did grab this of the freighter as she blew past the Potter Section House.

But I was obsessed. I wanted more, as I often do with my pictures. I kept going. Past the weigh station. Past McHugh Creek. Past Beluga Point.

Finally, with Indian just around the next corner, I was ahead of her and sitting still I got a few shots and satisfied my taste for rabbit.

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