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My Big Red Couch

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Week That Wasn't

It all started last Sunday when I splattered myself and one of the range bikes on the asphalt. Sunday night I got the news that Jim Fleming, a motorcycle friend, died of a massive corronary Saturday afternoon. Monday I spent most of the day on the couch at work licking my wounds and pittying myself. Tuesday was my first day of classes at UAA. That went well, but I wasn't my usually enthusiastic self (see the previous comment about wound licking) and it rained Tuesday evening so Jamie and I did not get to ride (motorcycle) like we had planned. Wednesday I was supposed to make a Men Against Breast Cancer presentation at an American Cancer Society function, then make a presentation to Jr. High teachers of my sample machine in the Mission Possible category of the Science Olympiad. This was canceled because of a work commitment that came up suddenly. Thursday was Jim's funeral. The funeral itself was surreal to me (I've been out of Catholocism for a long time) and I was really down when I got to UAA to teach. Class went well but when I got home Jamie told me Mad was sick and needed to go see the doctor. Jamie called around 8pm and told me Mad had advanced pneumonia and was being admitted to the Children's Hospital at Providence Alaska Medical Center. Finally, I was supposed to spend the weekend writing but that had been canceled prior to Mad being diagnosed and admitted.

So, here it is Saturday and I'm whining about the week that wasn't. Madeleine is still in the hospital and it looks like I will be spending another night on a bench that folds into a bed wondering when my kid will get to come home and be a kid again.

And I feel bad because I still have a house and I still have a family and my world is safe and secure. I'm being whiny. A hurricane did not just destroy my world. The economy has not taken my job. I have not lost a loved one to either war or disaster. My life is good. Where do I get off complaining about my tiny little troubles when the world is in such choas?

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