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My Big Red Couch

Friday, August 19, 2005

Knock Knock

Genevieve: Knock Knock, Dad.
Me: Knock, Knock
Genevieve: Who's there, Dad?
Me: Who's there?
Genevieve: Who's there, Dad?
Me: Genevieve!
Genevieve: No, Dad!
Me: Genevieve, who?
Genevieve: No, Dad, no!
Me: Genevieve you!
Genevieve: I mean it!

She says the funniest stuff.

Three of my favorite blogs talk about kids. MetroDad blogs nearly exclusively about his nearly one year old peanut. Jessica at Spidercamp works in childcare and she sees things that I could never begin to describe. Steve at The Sneeze writes about all manner of inanity but he also shares his 5 year old's jokes which are hilarious (if you're a 5 year old). To the three of you, thank you for sharing. For everybody else, go read their blogs.

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