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My Big Red Couch

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Flap

He had never considered anything other than flight. Sure there was hopping but flight got you places. He could not hop after prey. That would be ridiculous.

His wings could flap. His wings could flutter. His wings did everything but hop. His wings could take him from the mountains to the sea. His wings could take him over trees, over streams, over houses, over lakes. His wings. His.

Seeing the man wandering his yard with a shiny thing in his hands made him consider walking vs. flight. He had not thought this before. The man could walk. The man could bend. The man could pick things up on the ground. All He could do was fly and hop. He had no need for walking. He had flight.

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More ramblings that go with a picture or versvica. While Jamie was at the doctor’s (lower case “d”) office with Madeleine I sat on the back deck with camera in hand while Genevieve played in the pea gravel below. I got a bunch of snaps of the Teds and I hope this will inspire a little more creative writing.

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