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Monday, August 15, 2005

Flora Communicata

He thought the nasturtiums on the back deck had just spoken to him. Had they? They were plants. Their sentience was not in question. Plants do not speak. Plants do not have vocal chords. Plants do not ask you to perform household chores on a sunny Sunday morning. Plants do not use manners.

Yet the nasturtiums on the back deck had asked, “Please, stop the whining of the refrigerator.” Hadn’t they?

They may talk but they can't go far. Posted by Picasa


I had tried to find a picture to write about, then I tried to edit a picture I had taken so I could write about it, then I got distracted by my Bloglines feeds. Stop Smiling magazine recently interviewed Jim Jarmusch (Stranger Than Paradise, Mystery Train) and they purported “touching on everything from haunted Indian burial grounds to sentient plantlife” so I had to write about the nasturtiums and what they have been telling me.

Don’t neglect the blog (I know you’re out there; I will hunt you down).

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