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Monday, August 23, 2004

Waste of Money - Waste of Time

eBay. Amazon.com. Half.com. This is where my money goes. This is what I waste my money on that I have wasted my time working for. Waste. Affluenza. Good grief.

eBay favorites: motorcycles (BMW, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda), trains (Alaska, Beer Can, E-Z track), gadgets (Garmin GPS, Compaq iPaq) and Ukulele. They are all a waste of time and money.

Are they?

Motorcycles. I spend a lot of time on two wheels. I have spent a lot of money on motorcycles. Categorically the money has gone to bike payments, insurance, gas and accessories, most likely in that order.

Trains. I HAVE wasted a lot of money in this category but I haven't bought any train stuff in at least six months. There are a few things that I want but I don't have either time or space to do anything with trains until probably sometime mid-winter.

Gadgets. I haven't wasted any money on this category lately but I have traditionally wasted money here. I should probably delete these categories because of non-use (as in I don't need anything from either of them).

Ukulele. This is probably the category where I have gotten the most bang for my buck. Both of my Ukulele's have come from eBay. My beginner Uke (which I got for $20 plus shipping) and my Pineapple Flea (which I got for $40 less than retail including shipping). I like my tiny little guitars. I play almost every day and this winter when I cannot ride I will probably play more. I don't have a need for any more Ukuleles (at the moment) but I will probably buy some more music books (Jumpin' Jim's are the best).

Amazon.com and Half.com. Books mostly. I browse other stuff but used books are what I have gotten lately and of the half dozen books I have gotten in the last six months I have read two of them.

Time and money; money and time. I need to focus; re-focus. It's the same thing over and over.

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