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My Big Red Couch

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Day 1 - Into the Bloggosphere

My wife has a blog. She asked me "is it geeky to have a blog?" I did not have a blog so I had no answer. This is an exploration of that question and a place to post miscelaneous writings which I have been collecting for years.

My Big Red Couch is in my garage. Currently it is the home of all of my camping gear. I am not the original owner of My Big Red Couch and I can only trace it's geneology back two people from me so I suppose Kevin Bacon could have owned it 6 degrees ago but that is highly unlikely.

When I was getting divorced My Big Red Couch wasn't mine, it was my buddy Doug's. I spent some quality nights on My Big Red Couch at his house while I was homeless during the separation before the divorce.

When Doug moved into a new house he sold me My Big Red Couch for $50. It was a bargain at twice the price. It spent about a year in my family room then my wife bought a fancy sectional with recliners and My Big Red Couch was manhandled into the corner of the garage where it is right now. The camping gear is the latest in a few years worth of miscelanea that has been heaped atop it. It is my own personal dog house and I am thankful to say that I have not been "sent to the couch" in quite a long time.

My Big Red Couch is warm and inviting. It's stuffing has been beaten down from use and it pretty much sucks you in when you walk by. My Big Red Couch has it's own gravity.

My Big Red Couch is a place of solace. It is comfortable for a nap or a think or just a time out. It doesn't mind having beer spilled on it and it has never complained about me running motorcycles in the garage or any of the heavy chemical smells or sawdust that happen from time to time.

Oftentimes I make sacrificial change offerings between the cushions. This me be the college savings plan of my children. We shall see how much money collects in there over time. I think couches create small change.

My Big Red Couch - Camping storage with riding gear Posted by Hello

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