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Monday, August 23, 2004

Ten Things I Hate About Mondays

1) Getting out of bed. That is definately the worst part.
2) Waking up before the alarm goes off and either staring at the clock or keeping my eyes closed and ticking off the seconds to the alarm in my head.
3) Brushing my teeth. Actually, I don't hate brushing my teeth, it just sucks on Mondays.
4) Getting dressed in the dark. This wasn't so bad two months ago when it was still light at 5am but with the sun not stirring until nearly 6:30 it sucks. It's always a surprise, call it my own personal gameshow, to get to work and see what I ended up wearing. Huh, I thought this shirt was red :-/
5) Kicking / bumping into things in the dark. It's my bedroom damnit, who moved all this stuff around when I was sleeping?
6) The squeeky floor. I need to rip up all the carpet and throw down some screws.
7) Opening the front door. The hinges squeek (and need to be fixed). The trim doesn't fit right and rubs the door (and needs to be fixed). The bells. The BELLS!!!
8) Getting my stuff together (in the dark). Why can't I plan ahead and get my stuff together before I go to bed? Huh? WHY?
9) My keys. Where are my keys? Oh yeah, my keys to the radio station are in my motorcycle jacket pocket, at home, hanging by the door. DAMNIT.

Somebody's got a serious case of the Mondays! Posted by Hello
10) There is no ten. I have only nine. I hate that about Mondays, not being able to come up with a tenth thing I hate about them.

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