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My Big Red Couch

Monday, August 30, 2004

The Big Green Chair

Ok, I don't want my blog to turn into a furniture forum and I don't want anybody to think I have a furniture fetish (which I probably do) but there is another key piece of furniture in my garage; the Big Green Chair. It's nearly as spectacular as the my Big Red Couch and comparably storied.

The Big Green Chair came from an estate sale in Airport Heights 5, 6 or 7 years ago. I don't remember if it came at the old house or at the new house but it came because it's kewl. The Big Green Chair (and Ottoman) can only be described as lounge; green naugahyde with gold and white speckles and slashes. It kinda looks like metalic bird poop. But it is total loungecore complete with cigarette burns.

In musing on the Big Green Chair it probably came the summer we moved into the new house because we found it at an estate sale with a stuffed chair with ottoman that Jamie wanted to use in the baby's room (we hadn't named Madeleine yet because we didn't know what sex she would be). They wanted $120 for each of the chairs but I was in full-on garage sale mode and offered $120 for the pair and they took it so the chairs and ottomen (is that the correct plural of ottoman) came home with us.

The Big Green Chair was in the computer room for several years, then in the family room, pretty much always collecting crap. I guess having too much furniture lends itself to some of it ending up as storage. In the latest redesign of the garage layout (the evolution of my garage layout is another story for another time) has placed My Big Red Couch in the corner (still covered with camping gear but due to be exhumed by the popular demand of at least one blog visitor) and the Big Green Chair (and Ottoman) nearby. I created a lounge area, although the competing interests of the garage have kept it from being an exclusively lounge area (the camping gear, the rack of motorcycle clothing, the mini motorcycles [both gas and electric ] and the neverending shit storm piled on the amazing disapearing/reapearing table). I will put "Cleaning up the garage lounge" on my to do list :-D

As cluttered as the garage lounge has become I have managed to keep the Big Green Chair free of clutter (with the exception of the occasional motorcycle jacket, helmet and gloves) and when Madeleine kicked me out of the living room yesterday afternoon for playing my Ukulele too loud I headed for my default location, the garage. I threw on the spotlight, put my feet up on the Ottoman and took center stage on the Big Green Chair. Jumpin' Jim's 60's Uke-in arrived in the mail Friday (or was it Thursday) so I spent about 20 minutes strummin' and singin'. I know, I know, you all have this image of me as Mr. Metal and I am working on a few Ukulele arrangements of some metal classics but pretty much my alltime favorite song ever is Girl From Ipanema. I love that song and there is a Uke arrangement in the Uke-in book so I strummed and sang that one several times.

I'm telling you, I was a few umbrella drinks short of paradise.

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