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My Big Red Couch

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Candy Food Deception Conspiracy

Candy Corn, originally uploaded by anela.

Why do candy companies make candy replicas of real food? I'm thinking of these and those mushy orange peanuts. If they were going to waste their time with candied foods why not help out parents and make some of the foods kids hate like peas and lima beans. Then, we the parents, would be able to condition our children to like them.

One of Madeleine's school mates has a severe enough nut alergy that everyone in the entire school knows about it. I was going to give him some of those orange peanuts as a gag and, even though he's only in 1st grade, I'm sure he'd love the joke (he's pretty crazy for having such a deadly allergy; or maybe that's in spite of).

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