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Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow Trellis

Originally uploaded by Bearded Jon.

I have been photoblogging more and textblogging less. Now I plan to merge the two. Every photo only tells part of the story so I will endeavor to blog the Paul Harvey version that the photo doesn't cover.

I liked the symmetry of the snow on the trellis so I captured it digitally.

This is how it looked last weekend when the snow first started coming down.

I built this trellis in the back yard a few years ago. It started as a place to hang the hammock but the hammock has since died. Now we set the swing we got from Dean & JoAnne under it. The swing lost it's top in a wind storm and the trellis provides little, if any, rain protection so the swing is mostly soaked and only the kids usually sit on it. This is what it looked like before the hammock died.

At the State Fair of Texas Jamie saw a similar trellis but it had an addition. I think ours will probably end up with a similar addition this coming Spring.

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