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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Fine Line Between Friendship Bracelets and Pulliing Teeth

Madeleine has been the "It" girl at school for the past few weeks. Ms. B, her teacher, said she is helping all of the girls make friendship bracelets. Isn't that sweet (and by sweet I mean disgustingly girly)?

I spent about an hour in Mad's class this afternoon, doing Thursday folders, hanging apple fraction pictures and adding ghost letters to the Kindergarten kids names (so they can practice, don'cha know).

Being in Mad's class is always great. I made some new friends (Jennifer, who wouldn't leave me alone, and Noah, who wanted to know where my magic wand was from Parent's night earlier this week).

Ms. B seemed more settled and was actually having fun.

Mad has become quite the Diva. She's got her posse and they were all tying friendship bracelets. Then one of the girls said she needed to use some of the friendship floss to pull her loose tooth. "I'll do it when I get home," she calmly told them.

Here at home she's a chicken shit and won't let me go near her mouth.

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