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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Urban Hiking Adventure and the Death of an Icon

In La Jolla (because, as Jamie will tell you, it's totally different from San Diego) two weeks ago I went on an "Urban Hiking Adventure" to the local Albertsons, about a half mile from the hotel I was staying at. I went to Albertsons looking for a deli sandwich and beer and ended up with a Hungry-Man enchillada plate and a bottle of Albertson's brand Gin & tonic (Note: the TV dinner was more expensive than the combined cost of the Gin & tonic). For under $10 I was set for the night (and then some).

The limits of a man's desperation can not be fathomed. Posted by Picasa

Back in my hotel room I fired up the microwave and a Mexican Style Fiesta was had by all, er, by me :-/ I didn't read the dinner box until just now. I thought the potatos were a little sweet. They were cocada pudding. It tasted great with exploded rice and beans mixed in. Yum. It was a fun night, boy howdy!

Today I read the headline TV Dinner Inventor Gerry Thomas Dies

While his meals may always taste like ass he has saved many a lonely man from sure and certain starvation. For this I raise my Gin & tonic to thee. RIP.

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