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My Big Red Couch

Friday, July 22, 2005


In the interests of science, not stupidity or dumb luck, I have subjected myself to two bee stings this morning.

Ok, I stepped on a nest and got stung twice; once on the hand half way between my wrist and thumb and once on the left side of my nose. Fuck that hurt.

On to the science:

Tangible effects of two bee stings: 1) PAIN! 2) Psychological trauma
Treatment: I googled bee stings and my favorite remedy is basically chew up a dandelion leaf and rub the spit and leaf chew onto the wound. I has been about an hour since I was stung and the pain persists (as does the trauma) so I might give this a try when I get home in a couple hours. Assuming I can find a weed :-p

Fucking bees. OUCH!!!

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