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Monday, June 20, 2005

Live After Five - Nervis Rex

Last Thursday Jamie, Madeleine, Genevieve and my Dad, Ken, all went to Live After Five at Town Square to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday, which is today, but we needed an excuse to drag him away from his desk for a few hours and spend some time with family.

Nervis Rex played town square and I have always loved their music. Back in the late 70's HBO had a precursor to MTV called Video Jukebox and they showed videos. One of the videos I clearly remember was the black and white (for effect; the really was color on cable TV back then) video for Madness - One Step Beyond. My Dad and I saw that video together, once, maybe twice and reinacted the grocery store scene more than a few times. I explained the Madness connection and he was hip to checking out Nervis Rex.

We listened through the remainder of the band's first set, about 45 minutes worth, while noshing on hot dogs with sauerkraut from Shirley's Hot Dog Stand. At the break we wandered to the Park Strip and there were a mess of kite fliers about. Jamie and I swapped the camera back and forth but I snapped this one.

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