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Monday, June 11, 2007

What The Master Eats - Revisited

So the girls are out of town and we had the opportunity to eat out but it was squandered by "she who drove" and we ended up at home for leftovers so I rummaged - as only I can rummage - through the fridge and came up with another culinary masterpiece.

See, I don't cook; I create! I make stuff that oughtn't be made but I don't do it often so I'm not a health risk. Much.

So I'm slicing up the chicken and "she who shall go without a name for a while due to her callousness" says, "where did you learn to use an Ulu?" WTF!!! This is Alaska! Doesn't EVERYBODY know how to use an Ulu? I was given an Ulu as a trophy for winning a sledding race in the 1981 Valdez Winter Carnival and I was only 13. Everybody's got an Ulu.

"I watched the video at the Ulu Factory," I proudly tell her.

"Huh," her only reply and she walks off.



One tortilla (fresh). Cover with a thin layer of rice (recycled from another meal) and cover with salsa. Add your sliced with an Ulu chicken (recycled from the same meal as the rice) and sprinkle with bacon bits and cheese. Heat in the microwave for one minute using the "minute plus" setting. Let stand for a few seconds and sprinkle with more cheese. Add sour cream to taste. Repeat three times. Serves one.

Here is the original man cooking: What the Master Eats!

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