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My Big Red Couch

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Shoe's eye view

Madeleine picks up every shell she sees and announces “nobody’s home.”

Genevieve runs down the beach, first stripping off her vest, then her hat.

Jamie says, “It’s way better than Hawaii . . . there are all these shells and stuff.”

"It’s warm in the sun” and I scoot out of the shade.

Shoe's eye view of the beach. I was trying to focus on a rock that is out of the field of view off to the right about another 10 feet. The camera was sitting on a rock and I couldn't get low enough to look into the viewfinder and it was too sunny to see in the preview screen but I like this show anyway and it goes with the poem I think. Posted by Hello

To give credit where credit is due, Jamie added the last line to the poem.

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